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Drupal VPS Hosting

Type:Content Management Framework

Description: Drupal is a free software package that allows anyone to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of sites.

Version: 6

Drupal 6 Appliance - Content Management Framework

Drupal is an open source content management platform licensed under the GPL. Equipped with a powerful blend of features, Drupal can support a variety of websites ranging from personal blogs, corporate brochures and large community-driven websites.

This appliance includes all the standard features in TurnKey Core, and on top of that:

Drupal configurations:

  1. Installed from package management. See /var/www for links to file paths
  2. Search engine friendly out of the box
  3. TKLBAM configured to skip cache and sessions database tables (smaller backups)

Bundled Drupal modules (installed to /var/www/config/sites/all/modules):

  1. Views: A smart query builder for controlling how Drupal content is presented.
  2. CCK: Content Creation Kit - a powerful toolkit for creating custom content types.
  3. Panels: Drag and drop customized layouts for pages, nodes and blocks.
  4. Backup and migrate: Backup and restore your Drupal site on-demand or on a schedule.
  5. Devel: A suite of helper modules for Drupal module and theme developers.
  6. Drush: a command line shell and Unix scripting interface for Drupal.
  7. CKEditor: Enables CKeditor (a WYSIWYG editor) instead of plain text fields.
  8. IMCE: Powerful image file uploader and browser, with support for on the fly resizing.
  9. CAPTCHA: Thwart spammers by adding image or text based CAPTCHAs to your site.
  10. PathAuto: Auto-generate search engine friendly URLs (SEO).
  11. GlobalRedirect: Alias 301 redirects, prevents duplicate content. (SEO)
  12. FiveStar: Simple five-star voting widget for nodes.
  13. ImageCache: Setup presets that performs automatic image processing.
  14. Webform: Create forms and questionnaires.
  15. Logintoboggan: Improves Drupal's login system.
  16. Admin_menu: Adds dropdown administration menu to the top of the screen.
  17. Tagadelic: Makes weighted tag clouds from your taxonomy terms.
  18. Lightbox2: Places images above your current page, not within.
  19. ModuleInfo: Adds essential information to the admin modules page.
  20. Google_analytics: Adds Google Analytics js tracking code to all your site's pages.
SSL support out of the box.
PHPMyAdmin administration frontend for MySQL (listening on port 12322 - uses SSL).
Postfix MTA (bound to localhost) to allow sending of email (e.g., password recovery, user registration).
Webmin modules for configuring Apache2, PHP and MySQL.

Note: Drupal 6 includes a built-in update status module.
When enabled could produce confusing/annoying version notifications.
This is due to drupal6 being installed and updated via the APT package manager, instead of manually from the upstream source code.

Known issues:

	rm -f /usr/share/drupal6/tmp/install_redirect.php
Credentials (passwords set at first boot):
  • Webmin, SSH, MySQL, phpMyAdmin: username root

Official Resources:

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